Microdermabrasion can be used to improve texture and liveliness of the whole face and help fine lines around the eyes, lips and neck. It can be combined with light chemical peels in more damaged skin. It is even possible to reduce the appearance of acne scars

What are standard microdermabrasion treatments like?

The micro-crystals are vacuumed through a delicate hand piece to form a constant flow of fresh crystals past the hand piece opening which is passed over your skin. The intensity is adjusted for patient comfort and for more delicate area of the face and neck.  The flow of crystals effects a superficial skin polishing,  but much more is happening below the surface. The enzymes in the deeper layers of the skin that encourage cell renewal are stimulated from the outside, so the standard process enhances the skin's condition gently, without injury. Treatments are usually grouped as a course of three to six which can be scheduled as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Also, it is safe to use on all skin types and colors.

What else can microdermabrasion do?

For deep acne scars, we use an advanced deep technique. The microdermabrader is used to make pinpoint breaks in the skin.  This controlled injury stimulates enough remodeling to treat deeper problems. This same deep technique can be used to soften upper lip lines with long lasting results.   While standard microdermabrasion alone causes only temporary pinkness, the deeper treatments may show redness and crusting for several days.

The microdermabrader treats acne scars and also pits. We can do micro-spot acid peels inside the pits with very satisfying improvement after several sessions.

How soon will I see results?

After your first treatment, your skin will have a fresh pink glow. Improvement continues throughout your treatment program. The series can be repeated later or you can choose to have single maintenance sessions at any frequency that works for you.

When you examine your skin, does it look and feel as soft and fresh as you want? Or do you see dullness, poor texture or fine lines?