Chemical Peels

There are a variety of peels available. The mildest "lunchtime peels" would be Salicylic Acid such as the New Theraplex SA Peel or Glycolic Acid from Neostrata. We also do limited TCA (trichoracetic scid) peels for localized spots.

Stronger Peels

Obagi Blue Peels are based on TCA for the whole face and have been used for dramatic effects.  This had the disadvantage of leaving the skin stained blue for days.  

New ZO Peels are also based on TCA.  Dr. Zein Obagi has a new peel that has a greater effect and the safety of the Blue peel, but the blue can be removed before you leave the office!  

There is also a new product line called ZO, which is the result of the last five years of Dr Zein Obagi’s research. These products can be used alone or to complement a ZO Peel.

Mild Peels


All peels improve discoloration and fine lines.  Some are used for deeper lines, acne and acne scarring.